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Professional diagnostic scanner

Honda GNA600 Professional diagnostic scanner - Honda GNA600

Honda GNA600 Professional diagnostic scanner
Honda GNA600 Professional diagnostic scannerHonda GNA600 Professional diagnostic scanner
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Honda GNA600 is a VCI device that allows you to update control modules on all Honda and Acura vehicles that have
programmable chips, including vehicles using the CAN (control area network) communications protocol on
the DLC (data link connector) except for 1996/1999 Acura SLXs and 1996/2002 Honda Passports. For these vehicles,
refer to the Smart Cable for details.
The GNA600 Kit is perfect for the locksmith who wants to be on the cutting edge of automotive programming. This kit
gives you the functionality that you need in this ever changing world of automotive security. Programs keys and
proximity systems with the same tools the dealer uses.
This kit includes the new KeyPass Generation Software so you can bypass needing any dealer programming codes. The
KeyPass Generation Software allows you to enter the VIN and current date to generate the security codes needed to
access programming. The dealer does not even have this software, created for the locksmith and after-market repair shops.
The GNA600 can also be used as a vehicle communication interface between a vehicle and a PC running the Honda
Diagnostic System (HDS) software for the PC to function as a HDS diagnostic tester.
Honda GNA 600 Includes
1.GNA600 Blue Comm Module.
2.Honda HDS Software.
3.KeyPass Generation Software.
4.12 Months of Updates.
5.All necessary Cables & Power Adaptors.

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