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Professional diagnostic scanner

KTS520 Professional diagnostic scanner - KTS520

KTS520 Professional diagnostic scanner
KTS520 Professional diagnostic scannerKTS520 Professional diagnostic scanner
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KTS520 is the latest inspect equipment of Prosche Company. It could read code, clear code for
all type of Prosche vehicles.

It also could test, program & guard against theft according to its data flow. It could lead to malfunction self-inspect
and full car circuit diagram for the car which was made after 2005. It also has the function of measuring leads for
multimeter. It"s the necessary equipment for Prosche professional  inspector. 

KTS520 PC VERSION Features
1. KTS520 can Simple adapt to laptop or PC IBM T30 through USB or serial
   standard interface
2. KTS 520 can be powered by ESI(tronic): ideal in combination with the workshop
   software for fast and targeted vehicle diagnosis in the workshop.
3. Full range of ESI(tronic) test specification immediately available.
4. Both models are equipped for all current diagnosis protocols:
   - ISO systems of European vehicles
   - SAE systems for American and Japanese vehicles
   - CAN protocols for testing state-of-the-art CAB bus systems in
     new vehicles
5. Direct multiplexer connection via OBD line to the diagnosis socket;
6. Software automatically controls multiplexer - thus dispensing with
   need for troublesome changing around of communication connections  

Package including:
Geniune KTS520 with 12months warranty from BOSCH
OBD2 BOSCH cable
USB cable
IBM T30 with software PIWIS ready to work
The lastest version: V24    

1. Guarantee: one year, from the date that equipment arrived
2. Upgrade software free for one year; original factory offer service
3. Update method: CD


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