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Multibrand/Universal Auto Scanner

Support multi language ! A professional diagnostic tool for workshops!AUTOCOM CDP+ -

Support multi language ! A professional diagnostic tool for workshops!AUTOCOM CDP+
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CARS is a professional diagnostic tool for workshops. CARS has an extensive database with a very good coverage for the vehicle brands on the market.
      CARS is a highly efficient and intelligent tool for the workshop with functionalities such as Intelligent System Identification (ISI) and Intelligent System Scan (ISS). With CARS you can perform service functions, repair and adjustments to many vehicles in a short time.
      CARS has many advantages like fast and reliable diagnostics, user friendly software, quick installation and is easy to update.
      AUTOCOM CARS is used by many satisfied customers like workshop technicians, vehicle fleet owners, vehicle inspection companies, roadside assistance organizations, police, military and schools.
 User friendly . Fast and reliable .  Original Data .  Extensive database

Special features:

1,Autocom CDP+don`t need the activation code

2,Autocom`s the installation is simple and convenient.

3,Autocom CDP+don`t  need OKI chip for FORD and BMW car measurement.

4, the new Autocom CDP + Serial Number: 100251

5,Autocom CDP have the function of TF card and the function of a key to start   

6, Autocom CDP+have a flight patterns record function.

7, multi-function color instructions.

8, The new hardware platform can be used Autocom CDP+ release 1 or Autocom CDP+ release 2 or Autocom CDP+ release 3 Software.

9, Suport WIN7/Vista 7


      The CDP Pro database offers a deep OBD2 generic and manufacturer specific coverage of European Cars like for MB, for BMW,for Audi,for VW,for Porsche,for Volvo,for SAAB,for Jaguar,for Land Rover etc,and very good coverage of Japanese and North American Cars. For diagnostics in older pre-OBD2 cars, Autocom supplies specific OBD1 cables.    The CDP Pro database is translated to several languages.    Autocom uses Original Data from vehicle manufacturers to guarantee the best quality and functionality.Wireless communication is included in all of Autocom`s diagnostic products.The user can also add extra options such as repair information, service schedules and electrical diagrams from external suppliers, which can be connected to the program with ready to use links.

(the car is Support the following :)
-Manufacture specific serial diagnose-Scan function-EOBD/OBDII communication-Serial Systems-Engine-Ignition-Climate-ABS-Service reset-SRS-Immobilizer-Instrument-Comfort system-Gear-box etc.

(The car is suitable for all kinds of languages 21)
       English , Cesky, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Greek, Hollands, Hungarian, Italiano, Norsk, Polish, Romania,Russian, Srpski, Suomen kieli, Svenska, Turkish
4.Autocom CDP Pro features
 1).User-friendly and intuitive software for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles and buses
 2) Fast and safe identification of vehicles and systems with the aid of Autocom ISI 

     (IntelligentSystem Identification)

 3) Intelligent System Scan (ISS) function - automatically scans through all the vehicle`s control systems

 4) Bluetooth and USB connectivity are standard

 5) Software available on CD/DVD and the Internet for PCs  ,  or SD-card for handheld PCs

 6) Quick and easy installation

 7) Handles all current communications standards for vehicle diagnostics

 8) Help texts for available functions

 9) Reading and erasing fault codes

10) Reading real-time data
11) Restoring service messages

12) Programming capabilities such as injectors, keys, remote controls etc

13) Unique multiplex technology, which minimizes the need for special cables
5.In serial we do following:
Read and erase fault codes-Read live data-Basic settings-Programming-Scan function-Fully compliant to the EOBD/OBDII standard
6.Autocom CDP+ packing
1 hardware
2 2011 Release 3 CD (Serial Number:100251)
3 USB cable
4 User manual book
5 Mian cable

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