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Multibrand/Universal Auto Scanner

Original Carman Scan Light - Scanlight

Original Carman Scan Light
Original Carman Scan LightOriginal Carman Scan LightOriginal Carman Scan Light
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Carman Scan Light designed as a compact, robust tool for use in the workshop.
Carman Scan light is the most popular canner in all Carman original scanner.
Compare to other low price scan tool, all the functions that Carman Scan II provides to the
mechanics up dated information with OBD-1 level diagnosis functions.
Moreover, we design the SDK (Software Development Kit) for overseas business partnersdevelopment.
Without deep knowledge of our hardware and software logic, most of foreign engineers can integrate
their having ECU data and develop new scan test software easily.

1. Communication Protocol Compatibility
ISO 9141-2, ISO-14230,
SAE J1850 (PWM, VPW) ,
CAN BUS Communication support

2. Extensive Vehicle Coverage
Korean, Japanese, European, American cars
Malaysian, Chinese, Australian and Latin American locals

3. User Interface
Fast update via USB terminal
Compact Size: 100 X 150 X 25 mm (4"X 6" X 1")
LED indication of communication status: Tx / Rx
4. Sufficient Memory Capacity
Main Memory: 32MB built-in (Extended up to 128MB)
No external memory is required
Enough to contain extensive supplements

5. Eligibility for strategic cooperation with other firms
Provision of Open Platform Hardware
Provision of Software after the SDK development
Development of programming and coding tools
Enables faster development by multiple groups

Product Features
Carmanscan Lite can check vehicle ECU information and error status through OBD-I, OBDII,
and CAN communication.
You can connect Carmanscan Lite vehicle diagnosis connector with a diagnosis cable,
check if any of engine, automatic transmission, ABS, air bag, power steering, and other
devices has an error, view Current Data, and use actuator drive features.



Carmanscan Lite has the following features:

. Diagnoses Korean, Japanese, European vehicles.
- OBD-I ,OBD-II compatible protocol: OBD-II (ISO 9141-2), OBD-II (SAE-J1850),
KWP-2000, CAN and SAE J1587.
. Supports trouble diagnosis and service date search.
- You can diagnose using the sensors and switches installed in the car, and save and
reload the sensor data.
. Supports actuator auto inspection.
- This uses the scanner run/stop the actuator and switches by force to check if the device
is normal.

. You can save data or upgrade the diagnosis program by connecting to a PC.
. You can change the sound effects and display unit of the scanner.
. Provides LCD brightness adjustment and keypad testing.
. With the built-in battery, you can perform diagnosis without power supply.
. Supports TPMS communication (optional)

Product Specifications
Case High strength PC ABS resin
LCD 320 X 240 dpi
LED rear lightings
Standard character display: 40 spaces X 12 lines
Keypad Power ON/OFF,
Variable function key x 6, arrow key x 4
Fixed function key x 5
Numeric key x 10
Type: soft touch key method
Memory Basic memory: 256MB
0? - 50?
Voltage 7-36V DC input
OBD-II (ISO9141-2) compatible cars
KWP2000, CAN, J1587 compatible cars
OBD-II (SAE-J1850) compatible cars
TPMS compatible cars (optional)
Width: 125mm
Length: 223mm
Height: 68mm
3.6 Watts
* Lasts for 1000 hours in full charge
* Operates up to 2 hours

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