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Multibrand/Universal Auto Scanner

JBT Scanner CS538D - CS538D

JBT Scanner CS538D
JBT Scanner CS538DJBT Scanner CS538DJBT Scanner CS538D
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1 JBT-CS538D not only has great functions as other JBT-CS series auto scanners including Asian,European and American auto diagnosis,but also attains original manufacture level for more than 30 different kinds of auto.And it’s diagnostic softwares has been improved step by step
2 Supporting V W/ AUDI ,Mitsubishi ,Nissan, Hyundai ,Kia ,Toyota,Subaru key coding functions.
3 JBT-CS series auto scanner has been certified by V W/ A U D I ,mit subishi ,Ni ssan,Toy ota,SSANG YOUNG,UFO ,Hyundai ,Kia
4 JBT gets supports from DE LPH I AND B O S CH manufacture exelusively.
5 JBT-cs 538D is the best auto scanner which could diagnose most auto with CANBUS protocol including V -W (CANBUS),A -U -D- I (CANBUS),mer cedes (CANBUS),,B M W(CANBUS),, FOR -D(CANBUS),, G- M(CANBUS), , TOY -O- TA(CANBUS),,MA -ZDA(CANBUS), , MIT -SUB -ISH (CANBUS)
6 The diagnostic software of JBT-CS538d attains high level for ME RCEDES and BM-W,A U DI and Asian auto
JBT-CS538D owns special functions of supporting personality operation surface,date streem could be saved and printed, warning -color display,self-learning judge and value-added characteristic.
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