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UPA ProgrammerUPA Programmer
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Socket :    68hc11 Series  +  68HC05B 52pin Series  +  68HC08 52pin Series

Support List
Motorola MCU
MC68HC912DC128A (maskset 3K91D), MC9S12DG128, MC9S12DG256
MC68HC912DG128A, MC68HC912D60A, MC68HC05E6,
MC68HC05H12, MC68HC05X16, MC68HC05X32,
MC68HC11EA9, MC68HC11PH8 not tested, MC68HC11P2
MC68HC912B32, MC68HC912D60 (EEPROM only at 4/8/16MHz),
MC68HC05B6, MC68HC05B8, MC68HC05B16, MC68HC705B16 (EEPROM only), MC68HC05B32, MC68HC05L28,
MC68HC11L6, MC68HC11F1, MC68HC11K4, MC68HC11KA4, MC68HC11KG4, MC68HC11PA8, MC68HC11A8, MC68HC11E9, MC68HC11E9 old versions ,
MC68HC08AZ0, MC68HC08AZ16, MC68HC08AZ24, MC68HC(9)08AZ32, MC68HC908AZ60
NEW : MC68HC912DC128A (maskset 3K91D),
MC9S12DG128, MC9S12DG256, MC9S12H128, MC9S12H256
MC68HC05E6, MC68HC05H12, MC68HC912DG128A, MC68HC912D60A,
MC68HC05X16/32, MC68HC11P2, MC68HC11EA9, MC68HC11PH8
EEPROMs 24Cxx, 93Cxx, 25cxx

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