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VCDS VAG106.0 - Vag106.0

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Newest VAG106
106.0 release versions contain new features and functions.

1.Supports Basic Settings (the settings) using the protocol modules, UDS/ODX/ASAM
2.Make improvements to address ODX UDS and models that will appear in 2011
3.Support new address for the latest car models
4.Readiness Screen enhancements with additional information
5.Full support for 64bit operating systems
6.we are more than 14,000 current version, additional texts in the fields of-Measuring-values
7.Labels updated and improved documentation of these fields for new car models
8.Includes all improvements from the beta 912, 10.3 and 10.4
New features and improvements:
1)Basic Settings for latest Control Modules using UDS/ODX/ASAM protocols.
As is the case for other functions under UDS, there are no longer any channel or group numbers.
2)In addition, UDS Measuring Values can be displayed simultaneously
3)Added ability to view Measuring Values during UDS Output Tests. This can be handy to verify that certain outputs are
functioning as intended
4)Improved Readiness screen, now shows name of script in title bar and under button, or gives a reason why [Set Readiness]
is disabled when that is the case:
5)Support for new and revised models such as the face-lifted 2010 T5 van.
6)New, revised and expanded ODX/ASAM data set, supporting Basic Settings function and additional new control modules under

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